Insurance Specialist from Beginning To End

Has your residential or commercial roofing system been damaged by a recent hail storm, or any other type of extreme weather condition? At Elite Residential and Commercial Roofing we offer honest and reliable insurance claim services. We can handle the complete job and make this process stress and worry free.  The most important way to start your claim is to call a professional roofer to inspect and estimate the total cost of the damage and get a reliable figure, so we can make sure you get a fair compensation. Many of our jobs are through insurance companies, so we are well versed in communicating and working with insurance companies to ensure that we get the best possible repair to your roofing system.  Below are a list of steps to make sure you get the best high quality repair through your insurance company.

Talk to a professional roofer prior to insurance claim, so you know exactly what you’re looking for before you interact with your insurance company.

  1. Contact your insurance agent to file claim
  2. Set a date and time with your insurance adjuster to meet at your home
  3. Let your roofing contractor know the date, so he can accompany you with the insurance adjuster. (Important to make sure you get everything you need on the claim)
  4. If they decide to pay the claim, the insurance company will send you a 5-10 page package, and will have the total cost rundown on the back page which consists of: Total Claim, Depreciation, Deductible, and the end amount with the first check amount.
  5. Keep in mind that some insurance companies pay the check out in your name instead of your roofing contractor, so make sure to put it in a secure account.

Elite Residential and Commercial Roofing are committed to providing you with the best compensation and service you deserve to get your roof back. We have several years of experience working with insurance companies, so you know you’re in good hands when you hire us. If you have any questions or concerns about insurance claims, please give us a call today. We know damage to your roof is difficult business and time consuming, so let us handle it as much as we can, and you can proceed to your daily routines.

At Elite Residential and Commercial Roofing we are your number one contractor choice for insurance claim services, call us today to set up an appointment for a free estimation today!